The former Synagogue

  This building no longer exits. In the end of the 19th century, the synagogue's congregation endorsed Judaism. It had 1676 persons, which was 8 percent of Olomouc's populatin, following the religion. Some of its followers were councillors and most were among the town's wealthiest. At the end of the 1850's, Olomouc's Hebrew population was worshiping in two burgess houses. The religious society- Izraelitische Cultusverein- was also founded in the late 1850's. This society was transformed into a religous community in 1892. The idea of building a representative synagogue resulted from the transformation. In 1894, the community purchased, from the town, a holding on a place of demolished walls aside of the Teresian Gate.

The synagogue was then constructed by Jakob Gartner. The fully-fashioned synagogue was built aside of a two-story house with flats of church exponents and offices. It was finished in 1897 and consecrated by rabbi Berthold Oppenheim on the 11th of April 1897. The Buoyant Judaic synagogue was one of the biggest and finest in Czechoslovakia, but was a decoration and boast of the town of Olomouc for only a half of a century. On the night of 15-16.3.1939 the synagogue burned to ashes, inpart because the fanatical Nazis averted all but the town firemen to admission of the fire. Prisoners exported its debris untill 1941 and then adapted the whole area into a grassy park.

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