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 Die Produkte von der JTS Corporation 
 Nordic 3.0 Zoll                  Champion and Champ 3.5 Zoll
 Notebook Disk Drives             Desktop Disk Drives

 Ultra-thin, high capacity 3-inch disk drives for mobile computing and
 notebook computers. The JTS Nordic Family of 3-inch hard disk drives
 introduces an exciting new concept in data storage. Employing 3-inch
 disks, the low profile Nordic sets a new storage packaging standard 
 for use in portable applications. The robust and durable Nordic drive
 series offers an ideal low cost solution for high-capacity, portable 
 data storage applications.

 Low profile, low cost, high capacity 3.5-inch disk drives for desktop
 applications. The JTS Family of 3.5-inch hard disk drives provides 
 mainstream storage for desktop applications. The rugged and reliable
 Champion and Champ drives, with their low-profile and 3.5-inch form 
 factor, satisfy a broad spectrum of demanding data storage applica-

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