A  ANI                            Animaster Sprite Bank         
    Animatic Film                  Animation                     
    Animations                     ART                           
    Art Director                   ASB                           
    Author of the HYPertext       

 B  Bitmap Graphics               

 C  C.O.L.R.                       CAD 3D 2.0                    
    Calamus                        CE1                           
    CE2                            CE?                           
    CE[12]                         ComputerEyes Raw Data Format  
    Contributors                   CVG                           
    Cyber Paint Sequence           Cybermate                     

 D  DEGAS                          DEGAS Elite                   
    Degas Elite compressed         Delta File Format             
    DLT                            DOO                           

 E  extrude                        Extrude Template File Format  

 F  File Formats                   FLM                           

 G  GEM                            GEM Bit Image                 
    GEM Metafile                  

 I  IC1                            IC2                           
    IC3                            IC[123]                       
    IFF                            Imagic                        
    IMG                            Informations                  
    Interchange File Format        Introduction                  

 J  JAY Software                  

 L  LBM                            long                          

 M  MAC                            MacPaint                      
    MBK                            MUR                           

 N  NEO                            NEOchrome                     

 O  Object Editor Mural           

 P  PAC                            PackBits                      
    PackBits Compression Algorithm palette                       
    PC1                            PC2                           
    PC3                            PC[123]                       
    PI1                            PI2                           
    PI3                            PI?                           

 R  RGB                            RGB Intermediate Format       

 S  SEQ                            SPC                           
    Spectrum 512                   Spectrum 512 compressed       
    Spectrum 512 smooshed          Spectrum 512 uncompressed     
    spin                           Spin Template File Format     
    SPN                            SPS                           
    SPU                            STAD                          

 T  Tiny                           TN1                           
    TN2                            TN3                           
    TN?                            TN[123Y]                      

 V  VDI command number             Vector Graphics               

 W  What is *.* ?                  word                          

 X  XTR                           

 *  3D                             3D Graphics