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 General differences between Clocky II and III
 News in 3.02

 General differences between Clocky II and Clocky III 

   Users familiar with Clocky 2.X might be interested in comparison of
   Clocky 2.X and this new Clocky 3.02. Besides the obvious enhancements
   you find when you browse through new SetClock III there are also the
   following changes in the Clocky internals:

    nearly everything is customizable now. Keys, hotkeys, shift
     combinations, corner clock, screen saver and internal parameters might
     be finetuned with SetClock III now.

    routines for displaying clock on screen were much improved. They now
     can write to any colour depth (incl. Truecolor) and also to 1, 8, 15,
     16, 24 and 32-bit colour depths on NOVA, ET-4000 and Milan graphics
     cards. The routines are also faster, more flexible and the output can
     be colorful or even transparent.

    the beep at every whole hour does not use XBIOS calls anymore. Instead
     it uses direct PSG programming. The beep sounds same as previously but
     it doesn't crash the machine now. So it's safe to use it now (I myself
     do use it for more than four months already without any problem).

    External Hotkey Client support was greatly improved. SetClock III now
     contains a nice editor that can edit external hotkeys for ClockyTools.
     The library for EHC support is up-to-date and available.

    Alt keyboard tables were introduced after some initial discussion
     in MiNT mailing list (where I said it would be hard to implement :-)

    Dead keys - the dead key is configurable and the number of dead
     keys increased from 30 to 40 chars (as requested by Martin-Eric and

    DTCOOKIE is not required anymore - Clocky can read time from XBIOS
     patched call.

    and much more I can't remember right now. Just try it out and find
     it by yourself...

 News in Clocky 3.01 

   I managed to slightly update the documentation, especially regarding EHC
   and ClockyTools. Problem with resolution change is described here
   and the fix is to enable new switch in Miscellaneous dialog.

   I have also written more informations about the Screen Saver and also
   the automatic reload of JCLKTOOL.SET.

 News in Clocky 3.02 

   There are several fixes in the SETCLOCK tool. VA_START in the EHC
   editor can be set correctly now. Editor of dead keys can be closed by
   its [OK] button. Also the internal hotkeys keyboard layout dialog resets
   all previously selected keys. Thanks for bug reports to Standa/Jay Soft.

   Clocky itself should be MiNT 1.15 TimeZone compatible now. This has been
   achieved by reading time from GEMDOS instead from XBIOS. It seems that
   you have to start Clocky after MiNT if you want to let Clocky read the
   new time. Or you could start Clocky before MiNT but you would have to
   create a simple program that would be called after MiNT and would do
   just Tsettime(Tgettime());

   Also the function for detecting time/date change hooks on GEMDOS vector
   now. There's a small change in the precendence: if you enable watching
   the date/time change in SETCLOCK then Clocky ignores DTCOOKIE

   This hooking is conditional - if you don't allow watching the time
   changes the GEMDOS vector is not utilized. Similarly for Y2K XBIOS fix -
   if you don't enable that Clocky does not hook on the XBIOS vector.