General compatibility
    VideoRAM Access
    Interrupt Vectors
    Screen Saver

General compatibility

   I tried hard to make Clocky as much compatible with usual Atari computer
   systems as possible. It's been tested on many machines and under many
   different software setups. I believe there's no known conflict with any
   other application or resident program. This means you can freely install
   it and become a happy user.

   Clocky has been tested and runs well on all Atari machines from ST up to
   Falcon030. Clocky also runs on Medusa, Hades and Milan computers
   (on Milan the keyboard functions do not work yet because Milan doesn't
   implement ikbdsys vector. This will be addressed in near future).

   Clocky is compatible with TOS (all versions from 1.0 upwards) and also
   with multitasking systems like MiNT, MultiTOS, Geneva and MagiC.

   Clocky also runs on various Atari ST emulators including Gemulator,
   TOSBox and STonX.

VideoRAM Access

   Clocky writes directly to Video RAM if the corner clock is enabled. This
   direct writting isn't possible to replace by VDI output because that is
   way too slow. Clocky's text output routines work correctly in all Atari
   ST/TT/Falcon resolutions ranging from monochrome graphics to 16-bit
   TrueColor, including all extended resolutions.
   Additional graphics cards are supported - ET4000, Falcon NOVA and also
   Milan graphics cards with 1, 8, 16, 24 and even 32-bit color depth. It's
   been tested on these systems and worked perfectly. From what I have
   heard there might be some issues with multibanking video card by Eclipse
   but I haven't had chance to test Clocky on Eclipse yet.

Interrupt Vectors

   Clocky, as every TSR, hooks on several vectors (VBL, mouse vector,
   ikbdsys vector, printer bconout etc). It always uses XBRA standard
   (the ID is 'JCLK') so it can be easily and cleanly uninstalled by other
   programs, if needed.

   In future versions I am preparing a simple system for turning off
   various parts of Clocky so it could be used on systems that contain new
   incompatible hardware or are too far from standard Atari (like MagiCMac

Screen Saver

   Clocky doesn't access any hardware registers directly apart from the
   Screen Saver (because there's no system call for that). The Screen Saver
   is aware of Atari ST, STacy and Falcon video hardware as well as
   graphics card Nova Falcon. On these systems it will access the video HW
   registers, but if and only if you allow it by selecting "Turn off
   VESA/EPA synchro". Other systems are not affected.

   Similarly, if Modem Carrier Detect watch is enabled the Screen Saver
   routine reads MFP and/or SCC HW registers (again no system call for
   this). This should also work correctly especially since Clocky is able
   to find out if the current machine has MFP (ST, TT) or SCC (MegaSTE,
   TT, Falcon). On machines without these chips Clocky doesn't read the

   If there was any problem with Screen Saver, you could simply turn off
   watching the SCC (reading MFP is safe as long as MFP is there - which is
   true for all machines but Milan) and let me know what's wrong (I don't
   use a modem anymore so I can't test it as much as I could when I was
   running Joy BBS back in 1995).


   All in all, Clocky should work on pretty much any machine with any
   hardware and software combination possible (as long as it can execute
   Motorola 68k instructions and has some sort of TOS compatible OS :) If
   some Clocky functions would cause troubles to you (e.g. the screen saver
   or the direct video output mentioned above), simply turn them off with
   SetClock and let me know some details so I could look at that.