Main Areas of Use
    Complete List of Features


   Clocky is a very small program (the file size is well under 8 kB since
    it's written in pure assembler) so even 520ST users might install
    it without worrying of their free RAM.

   Furthermore, when you install Clocky, you can easily remove many other
    TSRs from your AUTO folder, so you minimize memory consumption and the
    risk of unwanted collision between the many other AUTO programs that
    you usually need to set up operating system into usable state.

   Clocky is cleanly written and runs on latest hardware with latest
    multitasking operatnig system with memory protection. At the same time
    it can run on 15 years old plain TOS 1.0 and greatly enhance it.

   Clocky is probably the most configurable corner clock, keyboard driver,
    screen saver, mouse accelerator and system enhancer you ever seen -
    thanks to SetClock III.

   Clocky is also a useful add-on for users of Taskbar

Clocky 3.02's Main Areas of Use

      Keyboard and mouse driver
      Corner Clock
      Screen Saver
      System fixes (Y2K, MegaSTE, colors, sound)

Clocky 3.02 offers

      an obligate corner clock - but fast and available in all graphics
       resolutions including Falcon TrueColor. Graphics cards ET4000,
       Falcon NOVA and Milan native graphics is also supported in any
       resolution and in 1,8,16,24 and 32-bit color depths.

      a keyboard driver that lets you freely define two additional
       keyboard layouts and switch between them with a simple hotkey press.

      so called external hot keys (something like system-wide hot keys)
       that can be freely assigned in a nice editor. This is actually a
       very powerful feature. You might want to try it out if you don't use
       it yet.

      dead keys for typing unusual/national characters.

      definable Alt-char layouts so you can type twice as much characters
       as you could before (again useful mostly for national chars and
       special symbols like e.g. IBM PC semigraphics chars).

      on pre-TOS 2.06 systems users might appreciate the Alt+numeric pad
       way of entering any ASCII code.

      screen saver that is able to turn off the monitor (to switch it to
       VESA/EPA power saving mode). This also speeds up Falcon operations.

      dynamic mouse accelerator with definable speed (2x or 4x).

      what about inverting the standard colors so you would have a black
       background? This might save some luminofors in your monitor and also
       your eyes... Clocky can switch that during boot optionally.

      do you also loose connection with real world outside of you when you
       sit for hours in front of your Atari? Clocky can neatly get you back
       by beeping every hour so you can note the real time running...

      turning off/on keyboard clicking sound and/or bell on bootup and
       anytime later with a simple hot key press might be very handy while
       listening to music (CD, MOD, MID, MP2, MP3).

      workaround for Y2K bug in older ST machines (does your computer
       thinks it's the year 2028 even if you set it to year 2000?)

      special support for MegaSTE - switches 8/16 MHz on bootup and
       anytime later with a simple hot key press - might be handy for
       special copying/formatting tools that must run at 8MHz.

      on non-English TOS machines Clocky can simulate the English language
       setting so that the few applications that read this bit will start
       speaking English. This is partially useful for non-German users of
       German TOS machines.

   The most distinct feature is that all these options above are switchable
   anytime by simple hot key press. And those hot keys are even freely
   editable! So you can define any state that is set at bootup and later
   you play with it by pressing some defined hotkeys. Cool, isn't it?