1) put CLOCKY.PRG into your AUTO folder. I prefer to put it as the
      first program, so its functions are available as soon as

   2) start SETCLOCK.APP and configure CLOCKY.PRG for your system and
      according to your needs.

   3) copy JCLKTOOL.ACC to root of your boot drive

   4) reboot your computer so CLOCKY starts.


     If you have TOS version < 1.6 (ST/MegaST computer) then you might not
      have CookieJar present in your system. In this case please put
      the provided CJar10.PRG into your AUTO folder - before CLOCKY.PRG.

     You might consider installing DTCOOKIE.PRG. This program creates
      two cookies that hold pointers to current system date and time.
      Clocky then reads this time and you need not to allow the XBIOS