The main reason for delaying the release of Clocky 3.0 was the need
   for a good configuration tool. SetClock I (written using WDIAL) wasn't
   expandable and SetClock II (written four years ago using EnhancedGEM)
   compiled under PureC only. So I took Christian Felsch's CF-lib and
   started again from scratch. After a year of work there's SetClock III.

   SetClock III is a standard GEM application with application info
   window (that contains some useful informations) and the following
   pulldown menu:

   SetClock  File  Settings

   SetClock can configure either CLOCKY.PRG (the configuration is stored
   inside the file CLOCKY.PRG) or directly the running instance of Clocky
   in memory (in this case some options are disabled because they can't
   be changed in runtime). If you're editting the running instance the
   button [Apply] is enabled in most dialogs. By pressing that you make
   your changes go to Clocky immediately without closing the dialog.
   So you can quickly try various settings and watch the show before you
   click on OK to close the dialog.